Monday, 4 June 2012

Essential swim kit - new addition

A while back, I wrote a post detailing my cold water kit, and I continue to remain pretty loyal to this collection of kit and clothing. But recently I've made a new and useful addition - a key safe.

For some reason, it's taken me ages to come round to this, even though I know a lot of swimmers (and surfers etc) have been using them for ages. It just felt wrong to attach the key visibly to the outside of the van, but eventually logic prevailed, and I had to accept that either hiding the keys under the flap covering the petrol cap, or wrapping them in my socks in my kit bag (which was then left on the beach or lake side) was not exactly a theft-proof strategy either. It has a solid D-ring which hooks over the tow ring on the back of the van, and then a small space to store a key / credit card, which is locked / opened via a 4-digit combination lock. It's pretty solid, and although I'm sure that it wouldn't deter the most determined and well-equipped car thief, it certainly offers more resistance than the petrol cap.

When it was very cold, I had some trouble operating the combination lock with numb hands, but all in all, a complete success.

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