Monday, 30 March 2009

Ouch... and counting down to Malta

This morning I went to the hospital for steroid injections into my dodgy knee - I've been absolutely dreading it. My fear was so visible to everyone present that the very nice nurse offered to hold my hand; I decided that a woman of 41 should be able to do such things without hand-holding and declined, even though I really wanted to, and settled instead for clamping my hand over my face and not removing it until it was all over. Holding the hand of a kind stranger would probably have been more dignified, but whatever works... Anyway, it wasn't anything like as bad as I had feared (and as various people from the triathlon and swimming clubs had assured me it would be!), although apparently I'm going to know about it later, once the local anaesthetic they put in before the steroids wears off. So, no more training this week on doctor's orders to let the steroids do their stuff and my knee settle down before I head off to Malta on Friday.

Speaking of which... I've been following the blogs of Juliann Galloway and Lisa Cummins, both of whom are in Malta this week on the first long-distance training camp of the season. I was hoping that they would give me a sense of what to expect, but Julieann has already blogged to say that Total Body Confusion is the order of the day on the trip and she doesn't want to give anything away to those joining the later trips. For a control freak like me, this is very disturbing. I wonder if I'm in the right sport...

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