Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Congratulations, Lisa

The big news of the week is that Lisa (who I met on the Swimtrek Malta trip) successfully swam around Jersey this weekend in an impressive 11 hours and 9 mins. Well done Lisa - you are amazing. Things are certainly looking good for her Channel swim at the end of August.

She has been raving about the great swimming down there in Jersey, and about the wonderful hospitality she's been enjoying while she was waiting for her swim, and this has got me thinking about whether I should have a go. I e-mailed the club and there is a slot in mid-September. I'm really tempted... Will decide by the end of the week.

While Lisa was forging her way around Jersey, I was down in Brighton for a training weekend with some of the members of the two relay teams. It was nice to be able to have another go in the sea and to build on what I learned in Dover. Fortunately, I didn't have any of the balance problems I had last time, even in choppier seas, so that's a relief. We did a few hours of swimming, but it was mostly a chance for those who haven't been in the sea yet to get acclimatised and see how their training is going. The swimming was lovely - great weather too - and I didn't want to get out.

It's been a long couple of weeks at work, which has really eaten into my swimming time, but I'm now officially on study leave until October 2010. I'm going to be writing a book about obesity surgery, but the study leave means that I am much freer now to organise my research and training time more flexibly.

Off to Dover this weekend - hopefully to meet up with Julie and John, and maybe Lisa too.

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