Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Channel relay - some reflections

Looking back on the relay, I am so glad I had the chance to do it. In itself, it was an amazing experience, and as preparation for my solo (and for Jersey) it was a fantastic opportunity to try swimming with a boat, night swimming, different conditions etc. I've been showing off the chart of our swim route to everyone I can think of, and am so excited that we swam the Channel.

Having said that, this is really a first and last time for me to do a relay - me and boats are definitely not meant for each other. Once was fantastic, but that's enough for me.

I've put together some bits of video footage that I managed to take. It's not a very good representation of the swim as a whole, since I didn't get any of the first half of the swim because I was busy with the bucket. But hopefully it will give a taste of what it was like, what an incredible day it was, and how beautiful the Channel can be.

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  1. nice write up Karen
    well done
    thanks for the video

    best wishes



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