Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year

I just got back from the pool after my second 6 hour swim - I didn't quite make my goal of 19.7km, but managed 19.4km, which I was pretty pleased with, especially since I had to negotiate an invasion of leisurely breaststrokers into the lane for an hour in the middle when they compressed the public swimming space to accommodate a club swim. (Well, not really an invasion, since they had every right to be there too, but you know how frustrating it can be).
I was fine for most of the swim, but I really felt it towards the end, and last week's swim was still in my arms a bit. Lots of work to do, though.

While I was swimming, I was reviewing my year of training and swimming and am feeling pretty pleased with how things have gone. This year, I have:
  • completed a three-person relay crossing (and learned that I'm really better in the water than on it)
  • swum around Jersey
  • covered 881.6km in training (including multiple 6 hour training swims in a variety of conditions)

I feel like this has set me up well for next year's two key challenges:

  • Jersey to France (4-7 July)
  • English Channel solo

To get me to those goals, I've already confirmed places on long distance training camps in Malta and Jersey, and have my sights set on multiple weekends in Dover Harbour. All I can do now is stay as well and injury-free as I possibly can, work hard, and try to stay positive. I wonder if I'll be a Channel swimmer this time next year...

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  1. Ahh Karen, I've spent most of December with an open water swimming obsession that has been growing with no outlet because I'm just not brave enough to get in.

    So, see, I was thinking of cold water which made me think of you and then I found your blog and now I'm even more all inspired.

    Congratulations on all the swims done and the swims to come and the project! We might even see each other in the offline Real World in the next six months. You never know...

    Happy New Year,
    Juliet x


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