Thursday, 18 February 2010

6 months to go...

My tide opens 6 months yesterday!!! I can't believe it - it seems so close, and I feel so far from being able to do it yet. But if I take a deep breath and stop flapping, I know I've still got plenty of time to build up the distance.

I'm feeling heaps better this week and am back to my full training schedule. I've been a bit slow, and have lost some endurance, but I'm recovering from sessions more quickly, and feel much more like my old self. Last Friday we did a brutal lactate tolerance session (10 x 100m max @ 6 mins), but I couldn't finish the whole set and ended up skipping a couple of 100s. I did manage to finally crack 1.30 for the 100m though, hitting 1.28 on the first one. This is a real breakthrough for me as I've been hovering around it for months. I did 1.29 at the session last night too, and even though I can't do it consistently, I feel like I'm making some progress with my speed.

I was kicking myself for not completing the set (my first rule of training is to always finish what I've been told to do - good practice for the Channel, I reckon) , but I was a complete basket case - I ended up spending the evening lying on the sofa being brought food and drink by Peter (now I think about it, not such a bad outcome after all).

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