Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Goodbye to Robin...

It's a sad week for all of the members of the City of Coventry Swimming Club masters section as our coach, Robin Leonard, is stepping down. The masters section only really got going last year, thanks to Robin. Before that, for several years he's been running a session from 5.30-7.30 every Tuesday morning aimed at triathletes. It takes an extraordinary level of commitment to give up two evenings a week and one horribly early morning, week after week, and we were the lucky beneficiaries not only of his time, but also his expertise...and his apparently infinite ability to cook up brutal sessions. I was a reluctant convert to the "joys" of speedwork, preferring the steady plod, and barely able to muster anything remotely approximating a sprint. But while I'm still not in danger of breaking any records, I'm a better, stronger, more confident swimmer than I was a year ago, thanks to Robin's carefully devised, and infinitely varied, programme of suffering. We'll all miss him.

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