Monday, 19 July 2010

Guardian article

I'm in the Guardian today!! Local freelance feature writer, Chris Arnot, interviewed me a while back about the project and it came out today. I think he did a good job of getting the key points across, but it's very weird seeing it all in writing and to have my own body discussed in the national press.

Some of the comments people have sent in are pretty rude, as you'd expect, but there's some interesting thoughts about whether it's an "extreme sport" or not - I wonder what those out there swimming today think!

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  1. Hi Karen

    I thought that was a great article and would be really interested to read your paper.

    As for the comments on the article, isn't it fascinating how people suddenly have such an informed opinion on things (an area of academic research, swimming the English Channel) within minutes of reading about them?

    I wonder how many of the commenters have swum the Channel?

    Best of luck with your swim (great round-Jersey time, by the way) and writing up.

    Nic (two-times Channel swimmer - just a tiny bit more informed than any one of those commenters on the Guardian website ;) )


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