Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Back to swimming...?

Well, it's that time of year, and suddenly the university is bustling with students and the frantic final preparations for teaching are underway. In the midst of it all, I decided that a month post-swim was enough time to recover and that I should get back to training, but it turns out that I was being a little optimistic. I've been to two club sessions in the last four days, including the 5.30am session this morning, but I wasn't able to complete either session, and was horribly slow; even more worrying, just over those two sessions, I developed a nasty niggle in one shoulder, and some lower back pain, plus a partial recurrence of the wrist problem. But aside from the flurry of little injuries, I feel very fatigued....not in my everyday life, when I am full of beans, but while I was swimming. It felt as though fatigue had got right into my body; the only way I can describe the sensation is that my bones and joints felt sick when I was swimming. So, even though some of it is probably just from not having trained, I'm sure that my body is still dealing with the exertion of the swim (plus the jetlag etc), and it's probably better to rest up some more. So, my plan for now is to not go to the club sessions, but to stick with the local gym / pool for now, doing some more gentle maintenance-style fitness work. Not very exciting, but just what I need for a few more weeks, I think. Perhaps I'm just showing my age....

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