Friday, 14 January 2011

Interviewing....and back to training...

I've finally got myself back into some kind of training routine after a bit of a hiatus over Christmas, and then being ill at the beginning of Jan. Fully recovered, my training is getting back on track, with a much greater focus on landtraining (in the gym) than last year, plus plenty of quality sessions in the pool. I'm feeling it a bit after the break, but feel good for getting some consistent training done. Plus, the return to hard training has sorted out the problems I tend to have in term-time with insomnia! The next short-term challenge is my birthday swim on Sunday, postponed from last Sunday because I had a cold - to celebrate (?) turning 43, I'm going to do 43 x 200m.

Alongside that, and as term gets underway again, I've restarted the interviewing process for the research project, kicking off the year with Nicola Joyce (The Fit Writer), who wrote this lovely report on our meeting on her blog. And while you're there, have a look at the physique photos that she posted recently - amazing. All in all, the interviews are going well and I'm really enjoying doing them. I've done 12 so far, with another 5 in the, I'm giving my first seminar on the research in a couple of weeks, which is a bit terrifying, but a good opportunity to start thinking about all this great data. I'm hoping to post a podcast of the seminar if my limited technological competence allows...

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