Sunday, 13 February 2011

How much is enough?

Well, I managed to get myself back in gear after a really work-filled, training-free week and have done plenty of running, core and strength training, and swimming this week - five swims and 4 gym sessions in all. Hopefully, the previous week was just a blip where work got away from me.

But as I was swimming today, I was wondering about how much training I should be doing. I think that everyone worries about this, and I dealt with this first time round by training as much as I possibly could. Consequently, in some ways, I think I did more than enough....although I think that I needed that for my confidence, and that this really helped me when things got difficult during the swim. But I think that it should be slightly different now - after all that intense build-up over a couple of years, I feel like (hope?) that I have enough "distance in my arms" to be able to work on maintaining during the winter and then intensifying in the few months leading up to the swim. I don't want to skimp, or squeak through on just enough, but at the same time, I want to be able to keep the swimming within manageable proportions on an ongoing basis rather that just for this few years.

So, as always, part of me is very unsure as to whether I'm doing enough, but another part of me feels like I need to have a bit more faith in my swimming and my ability to do this. Tricky...I guess I'll find out in July.

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