Sunday, 17 April 2011

Technical problems

As regular readers might already know, I have a weakness for small electronic gadgets, and especially those that monitor, measure and record various sporting activities. This has been a great source of frustration for me in the world of swimming, since the opportunities to acquire kit are fairly limited. However, watches remain one area of possibility. I wrote a while ago about my Poolmate watch, upon which I am heavily reliant to keep count for me in pool training. However, splendid though it is for the pool, it is quite big, and the screen visibility is not great, so I prefer not to use it outdoors. So...enter my lovely little blue Timex Ironman ladies watch, which Peter bought me for my birthday in January - small, good screen, and nice to look at.

I took it to Malta with me, but sadly, for all its prettiness, it turns out that it's not sufficiently waterproof, and on day 4, it died a sudden death and couldn't be revived. I knew the game was up when I pushed one of the buttons and water squirted out. All very disappointing.

I really needed a watch for the trip, so asked my dear friend, Julie Ryan (who was coming out to the second Swimtrek week) to pick me up the cheapest thing she could find that wasn't too big, didn't look like it had been made in the 1980's, and promised to be waterproof. And this is what she found - for the princely sum of £17:

It's not beautiful, but it's small and light, and it ended up surviving multiple dunkings, underwater button-pushing and general abuse and lack of care. So... my new policy is to avoid the expensive sports watches for OW swimming, and stick with the cheap ones. At least if this one breaks, it won't cost a fortune to replace.

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