Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Finding my swimming head...

At last, I had one of those swims yesterday. I've been swimming regularly, churning out two hour swims and enjoying the improving water temps, but it's not been feeling particularly easy - I've been feeling quite tired and have really had to concentrate during some of the swims to make myself stay in. And then suddenly, yesterday evening, I had the most glorious swim at Swan Pool. The previous day, I'd done 7 laps in 1.45, but then yesterday, I did 8 laps (an additional 800m) in the same time. Everything felt like it was working well; I felt co-ordinated and strong; I had my swim head on. Lovely.

It helped that the water was very calm and the weather mild. Except that when I got out, the guys on the shore told me that they'd been trying to get a photo of me with the lightening in the background!!

Dan Earthquake, who runs the sessions down there, took some great photos on the previous day - lots of wind and chop on the lake, but lots of people down there having fun. There's more photos from the session on Dan's website, Cold Water Culture.

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