Thursday, 16 June 2011

And the goggle search continues...

A while back, I reviewed my shiny new Speedo Futura Ice goggles that had come as a free gift with my first copy of H2Open magazine. I was pleased with them (and still am), but unfortunately, I think that these may not be the goggles for my night time Catalina swim. They have a slight tint to them, and when I wore them for the night swim in Jersey, my vision was pretty impaired. So back to the drawing board....And now I'm trying out the clear version of the Speedo Speedsockets:
So far so good. The socket is much smaller than the Futura Ice, and also the mirrored Blueseventy goggles that I usually use, and I'm still experimenting with how loose I can have them before they start leaking. far, they get a (cautious) thumbs up. With only a month to go before Catalina, I really hope that these are the ones.

In the mean time, a heavy marking load at work has meant that training has been very up and down, and I was disappointed not to be able to make it down to Dover last weekend because of my out of control marking pile. But order has been somewhat (if only temporarily) restored and I'm heading down tomorrow, ready for the Champion of Champions (5 miles, 3 miles, 1 mile), and then a long swim on Sunday (this depends on what Freda has in mind for me, but I'm imagining another first this season in Dover. With not long to go, I really need to get these under my belt. But it would be nice to have some kind weather, just to make it that bit easier...

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