Friday, 8 July 2011

Happiness is...

Happiness is....a bit of banana, a cup of Maxim and some long-awaited sunshine. Thanks to Nick Adams, who took this fun pic of me last weekend looking very pleased with my feed.

Feed-related pleasures aside, it was another successful weekend, with some wonderful, calm and sunny weather. I managed a couple more 6 hour swims....although one of those was split into two because it was the Dover Festival and we had to get out for a bit over lunch time while the lifeboat and rescue helicopter came to do a display. A good weekend.

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  1. Nice job. Deb has another picture for you. FYI, we hit the ocean for a couple of leisurely 30 minute+ buoy swims this week north of El Lay and the water will feel like a warm bath compared to what you are used to. Near shore temps are much warmer than mid-channel temps which are practically balmy.


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