Thursday, 19 April 2012

Tempting... ... not two posts ago I was vowing to think seriously and carefully about whether or not I have the time to train for more long swims. The demands of work plus the complications of living in two places mean that I've been seriously reconsidering my plans to have a crack at MIMS  and / or have another go at the Channel. It's time, perhaps, to be sensible and not spread myself too thin; a good moment to concentrate on my career.  

But then this came along - the newly formed Xtrm Baleares Open Water Swim Services (XBOSS). In particular, they are providing support for the swim from Menorca to Majorca (the Menorca Channel), which looks very alluring indeed. 



  1. Hi Karen, I've just done the 25m Cabrera swim organized by Xtrm and can only recommend them. A great and fun bunch of people that are very professional. you'll love it. I plan to do the Menorca swim in 2013.

  2. Thanks Tobias - this one is definitely moving up the list.


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