Friday, 8 February 2013

What I'd like to be doing right now....

It's been a bit of a week. Work has been busy and more than a little frustrating; the weather has been various versions of wet and cold; and I've been ill - nothing serious, but an ongoing, niggly viral thing that's left me wiped out and kept me out of the pool. All work and no play.

And in response, I've developed what I can only describe as a craving for a long, sea swim. I can think of nothing more delicious than a day of nothing but swimming in warm, clear water. I don't mean just an hour's dip and paddle, but a good 6 hours or more - enough time to hit that zoned-out state that is the perfect gift of the long swim.

That's what I'd like to be doing right now.


  1. Someone really needs to invent the teleporter, so we can join the Bold and Beautiful Australians in the winter months!

  2. I'm with you on this one, Gordon. Every morning, I go through my Twitter feed salivating over all the beautiful swim pics posted by the Australian swimmers.


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