Saturday, 8 May 2010


What the hell is going on with the weather? By the time I got to Bosworth at 7 this morning, the air temp was 7 degrees, and the water temp 11 degrees. Plus, there was a lovely stiff breeze whipping across the lake, and dark, low clouds threatening rain. This really isn't helping. But, I'd gone with renewed purpose this morning, after a rather lame week of doubt and general wobbliness, so in I went... although maybe not quite with the committed certainty that I was aiming for....

It felt cold, cold, cold... completely with full ice-cream headache and clawed hands. But I managed 1 hour 20 mins (c. 4km), which felt like a positive outcome after such a slack week. Ali Longman was there too, and we both spent a good half hour shivering spectacularly over hot chocolate afterwards. Then I retired to the campervan (Bob) for coffee while I was waiting for Penny. She did an hour in the water, then set off, cold and wet in her tri suit, for a 1.5 hour run. Amazing. When she got back we tucked into beans on toast before driving home. Life is better with Bob in the picture - the more comfort the better in my book .

So, a tough day, but a good one.

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