Monday, 3 May 2010

Nothing left but the swimming... 6 hour certificate and my completed medical certificate have been dispatched to the CS&PF, which means that my registration and paperwork is now complete. Nothing left to do but train and swim!
And speaking of swimming....I'm finding this really hard at the moment. I've done three lake swims, all at Bosworth, since I got back from Malta, each one longer than the last. On Saturday, I managed a full two hours in 13.5 degree water, but it was a difficult swim. I wasn't as shivery when I got out as I had been the previous Saturday, but felt SO cold the whole time, and nearly gave up and got out after the first hour. It doesn't help that the weather has now taken a distinct turn for the worse, and it's only 10 degrees outside at the moment, which makes it even harder to contemplate heading off to Swan Pool tonight. I had been planning to go yesterday morning, but the weather was disgusting and I bottled out, so I really have to go today before this becomes a thing. But I'll certainly be relieved when things start to warm up!
As Penny said this morning about her Ironman training, as she headed off with Peter for a 4 hour ride (after she'd done a half-iroman distance in training on Saturday!), it's supposed to be hard. It certainly is this week.


  1. Karen you know you can do the long swims.
    The air temp will soon be up in the 16s as will the water, its the air temp that puts you off same thing goes for me, it seems way easier when the sun is shining not only when you strip down but also whilst you are in the water. I am supposed to be going to the sea today the water is 9 degrees tops and the air temp crap, its raining its windy but you and I know afterwards you will be chuffed you won the mental fight...the toughest part is getting in I think, then staying in!! getting out is easy. if I or you dont go we will be chewed up about it all day and then next time its harder still. hang in there you have done amazing stuff so far. Mark

  2. Thanks Mark. It's been a bad week for swimming - I ended up skipping two swims, and all week have been full of doubt and lacking in focus and confidence. But I've given myself a good talking to, and am fully committed to be down at the lake at 7am tomorrow morning for a 2 hour swim, rain or shine. Enough of this wobble now. Best, K


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