Thursday, 12 August 2010

The big green jelly baby

One of my favourite tricks for coping with difficult patches in the water is to visualise a big, green jellybaby. I turn it round in my head, visualising it from every angle - bottom of his feet, top of his head, little hands, belly button, nose....every detail. Then, in my mind, I blow or lick all the sugar off him, then start to eat him really slowly, imaging the energy from each body part going into the corresponding bit of my body. I bite off one leg, and imagine the green jelly inside, and the whiter outer core; I imagine those few calories of energy running into my own leg....and so on. I can pass a good half hour on this particular exercise and always feel better at the end of it.
On hearing about his, my friend and Warwick colleague (now sadly leaving us), Rachel, gave me a fabulous "good luck" package yesterday, including jelly babies, this jelly baby mug, and a packet of soaps in the shape of big green jelly babyies!!

There's also a truly hilarious necklace that she made of beads, letters and yes...a plastic green jelly baby, but for now, that's staying under wraps until I can work out a good way to photograph it... but I have promised her that if I make it I will post a picture wearing it.
So, whatever happens next week, may the force of the big green jelly baby be with me!


  1. Hi Karen

    I want to wish you all the best for the swim. You have prepared for this so well.
    Doubt who you may but not yourself. My thoughts and prayers will be with you.


  2. I'm so excited to be featured on your blog. Fingers crossed for the tide. And an end to choppy waters. x Rachel.


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