Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The swim is on!

Just got the call - the swim is on for tomorrow morning. We're meeting my pilot, Paul Foreman, at 2am!! So exciting....and terrifying. I'm not quite sure what to do with myself, but it's time to gather up my boxes and head south.

Hopefully, Peter will be tweeting from the boat, which you can follow either on the blog or on Twitter.

I don't have an individual tracker, but you can track the boat here - scroll down and select "Dover" in the dropdown box on the left hand side, then select the boat "Pace Arrow". Don't worry if it's not always there - it doesn't mean we've sunk. If you check later, hopefully, we'll have reappeared.

More news as and when.... but in the meantime, all positive thoughts gratefully received.


  1. I've been following your adventure for a while and what a ride it has been! best of luck tomorrow x

  2. Best of luck will be fab!
    wait for the high when you finish...if you ever wanted a reason for why we do these things then that will be better feeling in the world!

  3. hi Karen just wishing you all the best for tomorrow.
    Eve managed to get away too. we got the call on monday, had to rush to pack, pick eve up from liverpool and get down to dover for midnight. not easy on bank holiday monday!
    not all the swimmers could make it, so the teams had to be rearranged. swim set off at 1.30 am eve didn't enjoy swimming in the dark but thoroughly enjoyed her second swim. the sea was quite rough and most of the team were sick but they made it to france in 11 hrs 30 mins and then back to dover in 3hrs, all pretty exhausted but thrilled to have achieved the swim.
    eve still exhausted and suffering from motion sickness but very proud of herself and the team, parents are chuffed to bits, ready for windemere this weekend.
    so good luck and all the best
    really interested in your research if you need any info / help etc please get in touch

  4. Karen good luck from Ken Clare and all your friends at WLSinfo. I will send positive thoughts your way today.

  5. Karen!!! Good luck! I am "watching" "The long swim" from home, while I write something for Pete!!! Come on, come on... remember that once Normandy belonged to UK... time to reconquest it!!

    Miguel (from Granada, Spain)

  6. Dear Karen, This is wonderful news! Richard and I are beaming lots of positive thoughts in your direction! Best of luck, Rebecca

  7. Go Karen! Looks like you're almost there right now... :) Andy A (ex Cov, now Manc)

  8. Dear Karen,

    Have just read the latest tweet - you've done it!!! We've been sending positive thoughts to you all day and have been holding our fingers crossed. What stamina! What endurance! Well done and congratulations! Rebecca and Richard

  9. Jaysus Karen. Lisa Jen & I on the edge of our seats for the last 4 hours. Next time get a tracker!

    Congrats again.


  10. More congratulations! Sounds like the last couple of hours were hard work, but you made it. Hope you're getting a bit of pampering today. Bet it won't last and you'll be looking for the next mad thing to do soon, though! Love, Lyn.

  11. Many congratuations. Wonderful news that you arrived. Full of admiration. Take care, Love Liz Green

  12. Many congratulations!



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